NHK実践ビジネス英語 2018  L13 Gentrification Controversies 123


account for ---


is all about ---

run a pretty tight ship


up to par


allergy notifications

quite unlike today 


We ultimately took Steve’s advice to heart and decided on a different course of action.

Gentrification has recently taken on a broader meaning.

We’ll stay put in Bed-Stuy for the time being.

Bed-Stuy was plagued by deep poverty, mean streets and very high homicide rate.

Demand increases and property values go up accordingly.

Poorer residents are displaced as wealthier folks move in.

ultimately 最終的には

take someone’s advice to heart (人)の忠告を肝に銘じる

taken on a broader meaning もっと広い意味を持つ

stay put in --- 〜にじっととどまる

for the time being 当分の間

be plagued by --- 〜に悩まされる

mean streets 治安の悪い地域

homicide rate 殺人事件発生率

property values 資産価値

accordingly それに応じて

be displaced 立ち退かされる


account for --- 〜を占める

demographics 人口構成

is all about --- 〜に尽きる、〜がすべて

run a pretty tight ship 組織を厳格に管理する

obviously 明らかに

up to par 基準に達して

recall 思い出す

allergy notifications アレルギーの注意書き

quite unlike today 今ではありえない